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Huge PGL fan new to the community

Hey everybody! I've been a religious viewer of this series since ep 1 season 1 with "gu-lly shucks" Petey. I'm glad I found this community. I find I need a place to vent after some of these episodes.

So let me first state that the casting director is a huge fucking CUNT!! Sorry if you don't like the language but I did lj-cut for your consideration. And its true anyway. She epitomizes the stereotype of an empty LA scumbag who treats everyone else like shit b/c she failed her cinemax soft porn auditions too many times. I'm sure this has been covered, sorry for the repitition, but I only read a few posts down so far. Anyone who would defend this creep, notice the hypocrisy when she pushes her stupid friend into the cast who neither John NOR the producers wanted! Yet she gives John shit for going to bat for his family who are experienced actors. Also, how nasty is the resentment she has toward John? Contest or not, the guy got hired to direct - to take the reigns in many ways - based on actual, proven talent demonstrated by past work. She obviously can't stand that he is getting a shot while she is too old and probably fat to get good roles as an actress, and won't be more than an average casting director. I'll stop going off on this bitch here.

I'll be sure to add other comments later on the show. Cheers!
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